The clutch function and four classification

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The clutch function and four classification

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Clutch is the main and slave on the part of the coaxial transmission power or movement or separation of functions with a bonding device. Located between the engine and gearbox clutch flywheel shell clutch assembly with screws fixed to the plane after the flywheel clutch gearbox output shaft is input shaft. The process of moving the car the driver can depress or release the clutch pedal needs temporary separation of the engine and gearbox and progressive joint to cut off or transfer the engine power to the transmission input.

Including active part of the driven part pressed bodies and control agencies. Active part are: flywheel clutch cover and pressure plate; driven in part driven plate; compression body is compression spring; control institutions fork release bearing clutch and transmission components.

The role of the clutch

1 to ensure a smooth start car

This is the primary function of the clutch. Before starting the car the natural first start the engine. The car started the car is completely static state gradually accelerated. If the transmission system (which is linked with the car) and rigid links with the engine the transmission of a hanging file what car would suddenly dash forward but it does not start. This is because when the car from rest to pediment with a lot of inertia causing the engine resistance torque greatly. Role in the resistance moment of inertia the engine speed in the blink of time sharp decline to the lowest steady speed (typically 300-500RPM) below the engine is stalled and can not of course cars can not be started.

Therefore we need the help of the

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